Geotextile & Geogrid


Wall Tag is one of the leading Geotextile manufacturers. Being the leading Geotextile Manufacturer, we have a strong sales and service network availability to cater our clients.


Bunkers have long been a challenge for both golf course architect and golf course superintendent wanting to create bunkers with more dramatics shape.


ELCOROCK® is a shoreline protection system utilising robust geotextile containers designed to be filled with sand (or other infill material), that are then placed to form a stable, durable structure.


GEOTAG geo-container is a highly permeable geotextile container woven in a special structure with tenacity Polypropylene or Polyester yarns which is seamed into a long cylindrical configuration.

Geosynthetic Clay Liner

Geosynthetic Clay Liner (GCL’s) is a high performance geocomposite consisting of sodium bentonite clay, sandwiched between, supported and encapsulated by two geotextiles held together by mechanical bonding.