About Us

Company Profile

Wall Tag Pte Ltd is a manufacturer/distributor for Civil Engineering Systems and Products. It is established in the late 1990’s with focus in Geo-synthetics, Erosion Control Products as well as Drainage Systems with significant applications in Building & Civil construction and Infrastructure projects in both the private and government segment of the market.

We serve an extensive network of Building & Civil Engineering Contractors, Facilities Manager, Owners, Landscapers offering our products and systems with enhanced value that comes with prompt and reliable technical and logistic support everytime.

At Wall Tag, we strive to provide our utmost services and support to the building and construction community which starts from the Owner, Developer, Consultants, Contractors right through to the sub-contractors on the project.

It is our vision to continually introduce new and innovative products and engineering systems which will benefit the building and construction community through the most cost effective solutions.

It is our belief that a strong teamwork and close partnership with our clients in various market segments enables us to meet their needs and deliver with good customer satisfaction everytime.