Slope Protection

Slope Protection

An erosion control blanket can be a very effective way of protecting the soil surface from erosion and enabling the growth of vegetation on the ground.

Erosion control blankets can be effective in minimizing the erosive effect of rainfall when used to cover bare or newly planted soil. They stabilize the soil to protect new plantings and reduce the potential for introducing sediment into storm water run-off. Erosion control blankets are excellent for protecting newly graded slopes and open areas. They are easy to install and good for temporary erosion control on highly erodible areas and slopes.

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Erosion control blankets are made from natural coir fibres derived from the husks of coconuts and other natural plant base materials. The natural coir fibres provide good water absorption, high tensile strength and are biodegradable. Erosion control blankets increase water filtration into the soil. They hold seed saplings in place and protect them from eroding during rainy and windy seasons. They retain soil moisture to promote germination and prevent erosion.


Remove all rocks, debris and vegetation to ensure the soil surfaces touch the erosion control blankets. They should also be anchored to the soil using metal wire or timber staples. The staples should be driven through the erosion control blankets and into the soil, flush with the soil surface.


Erosion control blankets find applications in various scenarios, including:

  • Re-vegetation of Cut and Fill Slopes
  • Temporary Erosion Protection During Construction
  • Golf Course and Leisure Developments
  • Building and Residential Projects
  • Streambanks and Shorelines
  • Reclamation of Mined Land
  • Landscaping
  • Reinstatement of Logging Areas


Erosion control blankets offer several functions and performance advantages, including:

  • Immediately Effective
  • Rainfall Protection
  • Reduction in Run off Velocity
  • Improved Soil Fertility and Moisture Retention
  • Protects Young Grass
  • Cost Effective and User-Friendly