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Geocell are widely used in construction work for the purpose to control erosion, stabilization of soil and steep slopes for the earth retention. Geocells are made up of high density polyethylene strips and proliferated on the sites in the shape of honeycomb structure and then filled with sand, soil and rock.

Wall Tag is a leading supplier of Geocell confinement system in Singapore with a leading supply chain and service network availability.

Geogrid products are geosynthetic material used to strengthen soils and similar materials. Geogrid products are commonly used to strengthen walls and subsoil’s below roads. As compared to soils, Geogrid products are strong in nature. Geogrid products are mainly made up of polymer materials or polyester materials. Wall Tag is a leading supplier of Geogrid products in Singapore with a strong supply chain network and services. Kindly contact us for quotation.

Tagcell is a lightweight, expandable cellular confinement system which creates an erosion barrier or structural foundation for embankment and channel slopes, river banks, bridge abutments and for reinforcement of walls of artificial accumulations and as a protection of membranes in landfills. Tagcell also provide good stabilization and therefore it is recommended for construction of roadbeds, parking lots and road expansion.

Tagcell cellular confinement system is made of 100% high density polyethylene(HDPE) strips which are uniquely bonded together to form a high strength system. It is durable, easy handling and economical. It has a three dimensional honeycomb shaped cellular construction to enable for use on-site or select fill materials which can provide semi-rigid slabs, lateral load distribution, reduced subgrade pressures and reduced based thickness. They are easy to install and space saving as it is collapsible when not in used.
  • Erosion control system
  • Earth retention system
  • Ground reinforcement
  • Channel protection
  • Slope stabilization
  • Embankments
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