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Geotag silt curtains are used as protective barriers in marine environment to control pollution caused by suspended sediments, such as silt, soil or stone dust. Most of the time, rain water run-off during construction creates sediment in waterways, silt curtains are used to contain this suspended sediment. By confining the sediment to a specific area, the rest of the waterway is then protected from the damaging effects of pollution. Geotag Silt Curtains is used in marine construction, pile driving, site work and dredging activities.

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Geotag silt curtains is a flexible high strength woven membrane that is suspended by floats in the water together with the mooring system to stabilize the whole silt curtains system.
  • Dredging
  • Bridge construction
  • Dam removal and restoration
  • Marine/ Habour Project (bulkheads, piers and retaining wall)
  • Port and Terminal Projects (Groins, Dikes and Breakwaters)
  • Ferry Landings
  • Pipeline crossing
  • Coastal and Shoreline restoration and rehabilitation
  • Intake construction
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