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GREENFIX Fire Classified Erosion Control Blanket


All natural fibre blankets have the disadvantage that in hot tropical climate the fibres quickly become dry and can catch fire by just a cigarette. The new product range GREENFIX F3 combines all the benefits from Erosion Control Blankets and provides additional fire protection according to DIN 4102-1.


The new GREENFIX F3 Unique grass fibres are European origin and specially treated according to best environmental practices, so that these fire free fibres are 100 % biodegradable within 6 to 12 months depending on weather conditions. The new GREENFIX F3 product range offers more than just a competition to coirfibre products!. The GREENFIX F3 Range of product complies with today's stringent environmental standards by using 100% natural fibers and achieving Fire Classification according to EN DIN Norm 4102-1.

  • Public Places (Near Walkways, Linkways, Roads And Pavements)
  • Highway Slopes
  • Railway Slopes
  • Traffic Junction
  • Parks/Jogging Tracks / Cycling Tracks
  • Construction Projdcts Near Buildings And Public Amenities
  • Oil & Gas Industries
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